The W.C Episode 3 - An Interview with Aaron Gwynaire - Creator of Neyyah (July 22nd Release)

Shorah all! This is your host, Tyion. Well, hot off the heels of our second episode of The WaterCooler Show, C.C.N is proud to announce our third! Going surface bound for this round, I got to sit down with a fellow MYST inspired creator, Mr. Aaron Gwynaire! Aaron is creating a Myst/Riven style point and click adventure title called "Neyyah" and he was kind enough to sit down with me and chat about it! I always delight in getting insight into the mind of a fellow creative and this did not disappoint. So, strap in my fellow Uruites/Myst/Riven addicts! This one's a delightful doozy!  Shorah B'shemtee ~Tyion~


 Shorah everyone! Episode II of "The W.C" is now LIVE! As before, you can find it on the W.C tab from the top of the main page! Enjoy friends!  Shorah B'shemtee ~Tyion~


Shorah Everyone and welcome back! This is your host, Tyion! Well, the wheels are continuing to move here at C.C.N. Too that end, we are pleased to announce our second episode of The WaterCooler Show has a set release date of July 8th! Aka, this coming Friday!  In our second episode we will sit down with MystiTech Productions, the group behind the machinima series "The Lost Art". I was very excited to sit down with them as I've gotten HOOKED on this series. If you've ever wondered what goes into making it... well, you're in for a treat!  Shorah B'shemtee my friends! ~Tyion~ 

W.C Episode One Is LIVE!

Shorah Explorers! This is your host, Tyion! Just dropping in to let you know that episode one of "The WaterCooler Show" is now LIVE! You can find it here on the new tab on our main page. Simply titled - The W.C!  Shorah B'shemtee ~Tyion~

~The W.C Show - Airing Next Week!~

Shorah Everyone! Welcome back! This is your host, Tyion. Well, I have a bit of a surprise and a delightful one at that. The W.C or "Watercooler Show" will premier earlier than expected. The executive decision has been made to launch it separately from the main podcast! We've got a lot of voices in the community that we want to bring to light and well, the old saying "the sooner the better" seems to be the mindset. Thus, I am pleased to announce that Episode 1 will air this week on June 24th! Who is our first guest?! None other then, Patrick Duleborhn, aka Mr Doobes! The man behind such Ages as Chiso Preniv, Veelay Tsahvahn, and The Guild of Messengers Pub! I was so thrilled to sit down with this man. He was a delight to speak with and a wonderful start to our roster of upcoming community guests. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I did. Shorah B'shemtee my friends! ~Tyion~


Shorah my fellow explores Welcome to the re-launch of the Cavern Communications Network! This is your host, Tyion. If you’re an explorer from back in the day, you may remember me from The Cavern Today Podcasts and of course the C.C.N Cavern Casts in the later years. I am thrilled to back and to be bringing you the announcement of C.C.N’s relaunch.  We are in an age of awakening and re-birth for URU, and thus, if there was any time to revive this old girl, it’s now!  So, that being said, what can you expect from the re-launch? Well, a lot! Our goals here at C.C.N have always been to tell stories, both I.C and O.O.C, connect with the community, as well as keep everyone in The Cavern up to date on the latest goings on. Thus, we will of course be reflecting this in all of our content. Currently C.C.N does not have a main homepage, but we thought a blog was somewhat... symbolic, as our roots began on one. Nothing fancy, a bit, bare boned, but she'll do for now and like the bran